We believe in Effortless Authentication or Short Story How Smart Wooden Ring was born

In this article we will answer 2 main questions "How was CNICK created?" and "And how many products does CNICK have?"

Thinking about simplifying our life and overcoming the obstacles led us to the conclusion that even the most invisible barriers discomfort us and waste our precious time.


Standing at the turnstiles in front of our university, with our hands already full with books, it took extra effort to grab our wallets and search for the entrance permit among the cards. More importantly, we had to repeat the same exact process many times at different locations during the day.


We thought that accessing the systems with just “a single hand movement” would make our lives easier. That’s why we decided to develop a smart ring.

Over time we developed our invention and realized how effortless and innovative it was. This gave us the drive to share the product with the others.




Do you know how many products CNICK produces⁉️


We are inspired to make authentication absolutely effortless and highly secure; that is how CNICK ring, Tesla Key Ring, and Crypto Ring were born.

Soon one more cool product is coming up! Wait for an announcement quite soon.

Now in more detail, let’s talk about each of them.


The First Product that CNICK launched was CNICK RING.

☑️CNICK RING is the first smart wooden ring with NFC technology. It is the most convenient way for access and information sharing while still maintaining the highest level of security.


Main features are:

✔️Access Cards

✔️Manage Smartphone

Unlock your smartphone, turn on the flashlight, open any app, or manage any other task on your smartphone with a single touch of the ring.

✔️Share Information

You can share links, contact details, texts, bitcoin addresses, and other small types of information via CNICK.


🌐Available at https://www.cnick.io/



First Tesla Key Ring for Model 3 and Model Y. It enables locking, unlocking, and starting the car with a simple finger tap. Tesla ring is a fantastic backup to your Tesla Key Card and Cool, fashionable accessory.

🌐Available at https://www.teslaring.com/




CRYPTO Ring comes with the original Mifare Chip, which has no applet or data preloaded. Thus, you are free to use the ring in any project which requires a 13.56Mhz RFID Card. Opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination.


Main features are:

✔️Share Crypto Address

Forget about fading QR codes! From now on, you can use your ring for Sharing Cryptocurrency address. Touch the ring to the sender’s NFC enabled smartphone, and the transaction window will pop-up automatically with your address in.

✔️Replace Access Card

✔️Replace Business Card

🌐Available at https://cryptoring.io/