Custom Ring

Before placing the order please email us at hello@cnick.io, explain the design you want to make.

If the design is too complicated the price can be increased, our support team will evaluate it.



  • Choose the inner/outer color of the ring.
  • Add stone(Emerald, black stone) /glowing powder circular inlay.
  • Engrave your unique symbol.
  • Cover the symbol with a Silver/Gold layer.



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1 Year Warranty

The Most Reliable and Convenient Backup Key for your Tesla

No Charging

CNICK Rings never need charging. No longer have to worry about staying without keys when phone battery is dying or when you just want to spend time without carrying a mobile phone.


Lock, Unlock and Start your Tesla vehicle with a single finger tap.

The ring is not touching your car surface, you just tap your knuckle.


All the CNICK Rings are waterproof. No need to remove your ring while washing hands, taking shower or swimming.


CNICK Rings are made of biodegradable materials. Every ring is handmade to the highest standards, with tons of attention to the details.

Customer Reviews

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Once you get one you will realize it should have automatically come with your car

This is my third CNICK Tesla ring. If you are on the fence about getting one, all I can say is it'd be a huge mistake not to. It is a major lifestyle upgrade and you will be hooked forevermore once you have it.I love these rings so much, it makes me love my car even more, which is hard to believe that would even be possible.The key card that comes with the car is not convenient at all, which is not news to anyone. So then you rely on your phone which is better, but not reliable because there have been many times where my phone is dead. Plus I'm a little nervous what if I lost my phone or left my phone in the car... Also my phone is not convenient. I often go to the garage while I'm at home to get something out of (or put something in) my car and I never would stop to think "go get your phone," just to open the door. I never take my ring off. I even sleep and shower with it.I have to admit it's really empowering to have your car physically linked to your body. You feel like a cyborg...!Also it's just mega cool, plain and simple. It's just one more reminder that noting is the same when you own a Tesla. Frankly, I feel like Tesla really missed the boat by not delivering the car with a ring already in your size waiting for you. It's such a natural fit with the whole Tesla brand.And finally, it's another opportunity to have people see the ring and ask you about owning one, if you get a logo one, so it can be a conversation starter.I decided to post a video because you would never guess how easy it is to get it working and how well it works if you didnt see it for yourself.