Mars - Limited Edition

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    • Compatible with Tesla Model S/X 2021+ and all Model 3/Y
    • Limited edition - only 100 rings of this design will be made.
    • Comes with a special handmade rocket-shaped wood box.

    Material: Natural Ebony wood

    Width: 7.8mm (0.3")

    Thickness: 1.8mm (0.07")


    Sizer tool

    The Most Reliable and Convenient Backup Key for your Tesla

    No Charging

    CNICK Rings never need charging. No longer have to worry about staying without keys when phone battery is dying or when you just want to spend time without carrying a mobile phone.


    Lock, Unlock and Start your Tesla vehicle with a single finger tap.

    The ring is not touching your car surface, you just tap your knuckle.


    All the CNICK Rings are waterproof. No need to remove your ring while washing hands, taking shower or swimming.


    CNICK Rings are made of biodegradable materials. Every ring is handmade to the highest standards, with tons of attention to the details.