How It Works?


In 2019, we introduced the world's first smart ring key exclusively designed for Tesla vehicles. This innovative ring allows for effortless locking, unlocking, and starting of Tesla vehicles with a simple tap, all without the need for batteries or charging. Serving as a reliable backup key, it eliminates the necessity of carrying a wallet or smartphone. Designed for comfort and convenience, the ring is compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured in 2021 or later, as well as all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. At CNICK, we prioritize exceptional design and strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to express their unique style. Our Silver Rings, crafted from premium silver, stand out as truly exceptional as they remain the world's first and only smart rings of their kind.


How can I set up and use the Ring properly?


Step 1:  To pair the ring, follow the same procedure as adding a keycard. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks > Keys > Add Key. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

Step 2: Find the right sensor spot on the B pillar under the driver side camera.

Step 3: The ring transmits a signal from a circle, therefore you have to touch your knuckle onto the B pillar (knocking position) and do not touch the ring directly to the car.



Correct hand positioning to lock or unlock the vehicle.