Compatible with Tesla Model S/X 2021+, all Model 3/Y and Cybertruck

Material: Zirconia Ceramic and Natural Jet Stone

Width: 8mm (0.31")

Thickness: 1.8mm (0.07")

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1 Year Warranty

The Most Reliable and Convenient Backup Key for your Tesla

No Charging

CNICK Rings never need charging. No longer have to worry about staying without keys when phone battery is dying or when you just want to spend time without carrying a mobile phone.


Lock, Unlock and Start your Tesla vehicle with a single finger tap.

The ring is not touching your car surface, you just tap your knuckle.


All the CNICK Rings are waterproof. No need to remove your ring while washing hands, taking shower or swimming.


CNICK Rings are made of biodegradable materials. Every ring is handmade to the highest standards, with tons of attention to the details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Don’t bother with the ceramic

I think the concept of the ring as a Tesla backup key is terrific. I like the thought of having a reliable key that is not dependent on Bluetooth, in the event that my phone isn’t working for some reason. The ring works well to lock and unlock the vehicle. It usually takes a little more effort to get the reader inside the car to recognize it, but it still works. The issue I have had repeatedly is that the ring itself is just worthless. I have had three ceramic Cnicks fail in less than one year. The first one chipped, and the second and third both cracked all the way through. The last one cracked within a week of wearing it. They just are not durable at all. Again, this is specific to the ceramic ring. The company, to their credit, honored the warranty and replaced it twice. I only had to pay for shipping. I am considering trying the silver alloy version because I really want this concept to work. I don’t always carry my wallet and my key card for the car. I like the idea of having a key on my finger that I don’t think about in the event that the app on my phone fails or Bluetooth fails. I think the idea is brilliant, and fills a definite need. I just wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their money on the ceramic version of this product.

Christopher Winter
Broke into several pieces

My ceramic ring broke into several pieces as I was getting up from the floor (in a push up type move). I have since ordered the metal version, hoping it will be more durable.

Friends are so jealous!

I love how quirky and wonderful this ring/key is! Besides that - I now never lose my key card - and since I live in an area without cell service, I can't always count on my phone to lock/unlock the car. Now, a simple fist bump under the driver side camera and I'm in! People are amazing about the technology of it - and so easy to program!

Nancy Hutchinson
Easy to connect

Light weight, comfortable, easy to set up.

Very happy with the size .fits great.

This product arrived on time and in good condition .very nice looking and works very well .very happy with this product .would recommend to anyone.