Starmoon Gen2

Compatible with Tesla Model S/X 2021+, all Model 3/Y and Cybertruck

Introducing the second generation of the world’s first smart ring crafted from silver.

What’s New?

  • Advanced Chip: Equipped with a new chip that supports future updates for enhanced features such as contactless payments (see currently supported cards), information storage, and more. New functionalities can be added through the app without needing to replace the ring.
  • Sleeker Design: Enjoy a slimmer and more refined look.
  • Expanded Sizing Options: Now available in more sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Crafted from the innovative, eco-friendly and high-quality silver alloy, it resists to tarnish as much as a 375 gold alloy, and as much as 20 times as a Sterling silver.
The alloy contains palladium, a noble ingredient. Palladium is more precious and expensive than gold.

Adorned with eco-friendly hybrid ceramic, a material frequently utilized in luxury timepieces.

Width: 6mm (0.23")

Thickness: 1.8mm (0.07")

⚠️ Please note that each Starmoon ring is handcrafted upon order. The process of creating the silver ring and shipping typically takes 3-4 weeks.

Free & Fast Shipping

1 Year Warranty

The Most Reliable and Convenient Backup Key for your Tesla

No Charging

CNICK Rings never need charging. No longer have to worry about staying without keys when phone battery is dying or when you just want to spend time without carrying a mobile phone.


Lock, Unlock and Start your Tesla vehicle with a single finger tap.

The ring is not touching your car surface, you just tap your knuckle.


All the CNICK Rings are waterproof. No need to remove your ring while washing hands, taking shower or swimming.


CNICK Rings are made of biodegradable materials. Every ring is handmade to the highest standards, with tons of attention to the details.

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